The advent of the PSP Handheld Console

Gone are the days where gaming can only be done when you're at the comfort of your couch or at a computer renting shop because now, with the help of the Playstation Portable more commonly known as PSP, you can play wherever you're at and whenever you want. This handheld console undoubtedly lives up to its name of being portable and is one of Sony's most revered product today.

On 2003's E3 event, Sony had announced this console's ongoing creation and development whereas a year later, on May 11, on the E3 event once again, the console has finally been shown to the public and received various comments from gamers all across the globe. The most awaited console finally made its way to Japan on the 12th of December, the year 2004. It arrived on the Northern part of America on March 24, year 2005 and on that same year, September 1, it entered the PAL region. From then on, the PSP had frequent competition with the NDS or the Nintendo DS as they are both handheld gaming devices that are deemed to be members of video games' 7th generation.

When the NDS console made its way to the market, it truly dominated and conquered all, giving the company lots of rave and critical acclaims, however, its celebration was only short-lived as its most powerful competitor truly served as a game-changer that redefined gaming. The PSP boasted high quality specifications and features that certainly surpassed all its competitors.

It featured a sleek design with a Graphic Processing Unit that has made it possible for a handheld device to contain topnotch graphics all in a 4.3-inch screen. The versatility it holds is also very astounding as it is even embedded with extra features such as a tuner for TV and a video player which gives its user more option for maximum entertainment. PSP also has this wonderful option that will let you connect to other consoles and even PS3, rendering more immersive gameplay to its users. Not only that, it can also connect to the internet and use UMD as its main storage.

After the success of the original version of this console, innovation continued and rendered various versions from it. There's the PSP-2000 which is the Slim and Lite, the PSP-3000, the PSP-GO and the PSP-E1000. Another breakthrough occurred and the whole console was succeeded by PS Vita or the Playstation Vita.

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