PS 2: The best selling game console ever

The Playstation has unquestionably revolutionized gaming into an entirely new level and the advent of its second installment, the Playstation 2 or PS 2, has improved it even more. Just like its predecessor, the console mentioned is a home-based device developed by the one and only Sony Enterntainment. It was first distributed throughout Japan on the 4th of March, year 2000, and was immediately followed by Europe and America on that same year as well. The device was considered to be part of the illustrious 6th-generation consoles and it has competed with other innovative consoles from various brands which includes the Microsoft's Xbox, the Gamecube from Nintendo and the Sega Dreamcast.

Without a doubt, the release of the PS 2 shook the world entirely and even when compared to other consoles, even with those from other generation, this console is definitely unsurpassed in terms of the total number of units sold. It is even dubbed as the best-selling console which testifies just how much gamers across the globe anticipated and waited for the release of the device. Just on 2011, it was recorded that a stunning 150 Million Playstation 2 were sold worldwide, and the latest recording marked a total of 155 Million units. The games for the device reached over 3,874 innovative games ever since its advent in the market and the total accumulated number of copies sold from all these games reached a phenomenal 1.5 Billion games.

The PS 2 wasn't excluded from the continuous innovation on the tech world and it even got a new model that was included in the Slim-line of products and just as the name implies, this version had a lighter, smaller and slimmer console that made the device more compact which definitely helped consumers in different ways. This console was already succeeded by an improved version on the Playstation line, in the form of the Playstation 3 which was the 3rd installment in the series.

The device ran on the market for over 13 years and in history, that's part of the group with the longest duration for a console to be sold. Its popularity never dwindled even when the Playstation 3 was released and it only got discontinued on the 4th of January, year 2013. However, even with the announcement for the discontinuation of the product, the games for the device continued to be released until the end of 2013. On the Next year, the unveiling of PS 4 happened as well.

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