Betting on NBA2k

Betting on NBA 2K

NBA 2K is video game series that has captivated fans since 1999. The annual upgrade from one game to another is what has kept the game alive and popular. The advent of gaming has also attracted the betting world and so has NBA 2K. Betting types that have kept the game popular are:

  • Peer-to-peer betting
  • eSports betting

Peer to peer betting

What is peer-to-peer betting? It is acreativeway for anyone to participate in betting with fellow sports bettors. Betting can be done either through placing wagers and bets on a number of sporting games or taking bets off other bettors to become a book maker. Betting exchange has two advantages; You are allowed to offer odds that you want availed to other bettors on the sporting events you chose. Bettors are allowed to get odds on the sporting events of choice.

For peer-to-peer betting or P2P, bettors have the opportunity to back their own predictions as well as opinions of the outcome.

In betting, you can place odds through:


When you decide to become a backer, you can search for the sporting events that you want to place your wager on. This way you can accept the provided the odds that are similar to what you want to place like it is done in the bookmaker's site. Alternatively, if you are not compliant with the provided odds, you can request for odds that best suit you.


For a layer, you are the provider of the odds requested by the bettors. You win when the bettors lose their stake but when they win, you are obliged to pay up.

What takes place in a betting exchange?

In a betting exchange, you as the bettor have the option to either lay or back. Most P2P pros take part in both sides. For typical betting sites, a bettor is expected to deposit money into their account and place a bet on the team he/she finds suitable. This can be done through either backing or laying odds. After placing a bet, the stake money is deducted. For betting exchanges, the odds are quite higher due to the high number of customers.

eSports betting

This type of betting, appeals to both traditional basketball bettors and eSports bettors. For instance the NBA legends such as Shaquille O'Neal have invested loads of funds in eSport betting. Since eSports attract numerous viewers and fetch loads of revenue and profit, NBA has channeled its attention to eSports.

NBA 2K bets

Producers and partners of NBA 2K bet big to expand their brand through capturing the young consumers who are on the rise. Countries such as S. Korea, China and Japan are popular with gaming and so providing for these fans will be a bonus.

Implications of eSports to the brand

There are many benefits mainstreaming as a result of supporting the eSporting by the club, some include:

  • Basketball will gain more support for its activities
  • Through the help of professional athletes, NBA 2K will gain more popularity
  • The NBA partnership will become stronger with eSports
  • eSport and gamers will be able to watch competitions online or national TV.

Latest eSports league

On February 2017 Take Two Interactive and NBA publicized the creation of an eSports league set to be launched in 2018. The partnership has shown their belief in the growing popularity of eSports in the country and worldwide. NBA 2K will now compete with legendary eSports such as Defense of the ancients, Call of Duty, Starcraft and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Why eSports league?

The idea behind the creation of a eSports league came as a result of the success of the NBA 2K16 'Road to the Finals' video game which attracted high viewership. The rise of the popularity of the league's also inspired the creators to indulge this growing fan base. Being the first ever eSport to be created by a US sports league professionals it will ensure that the basketball game remains the main focus of both eSports and gaming.

Structure of the game

The league is a simulation of a typical NBA league whereby teams are operated and run by franchises with 5-pearson teams. The competition in the league will resemble the traditional sports schedule with regular season's, championship match,playoffs and finals. Teams are to compete against each other in the latest NBA 2K game where each team member will only utilize the in-game MyPlayer.

To start with, a number of 8 to 12 teams will be selected but in the long run 30 NBA teams will be represented.

Parties with interest

The league is a growth industry not only for the owners but NBA players as well who see it as an investment worth trying. Example of such figures is Shaquille O'Neal the Hall of Famer who has invested in the NRG eSports.The eLeague will not only grasp the gamers' attention but also bettors who will be interested in placing bets on their team of choice. Bettors now will have their eSport variety increased by the launching of this league.

What is in for the gamers?

The NBA 2K game series is quite popular with gamers and the leap to a eLeague definitely means there is good news for this folks. This league is scheduled to be launched in 2018 with the mission of widening the basketball horizons. The eSports league will be one of its kind since it will be the first ever eLeague that will be operated by one of the league professionals in the sporting world. Gamers will benefit through:

  • With the video game, players can now participate in competing for NBA title in a real NBA arena and get paid for it. The grand prize is $250,000.
  • The league will give gamers an opportunity to compete together as they represent the real NBA teams.
  • Recruitment before the actual game- participating gamers will be selected through a recruitment process conducted by Take Two and the NBA teams. Gamers will be taken through a virtual version and a draft of it will be aired either through online streaming or national TV. After the recruitment, 5 gamers will be selected by each NBA franchise.

Gamers can use their consoles for the competition after the training by the NBA team.

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