Innovating Handheld Consoles through the PS Vita

The Playstation line of products from Sony Entertainment have revolutionizing the game industry and definition of gaming itself through its various breakthroughs in technology such as their Portable consoles which includes the ever-famous, Playstation Vita or PS Vita. Just when we though that their Playstation Portable that rocked the entire world couldn't get any better, Sony continuously improved their console to the point where Playstation Vita entered the market and completely succeeded it as an 8th-generation console.

The groundbreaking PS Vita first entered the market on the 17th of December, year 2011, at Japan and was released on the rest of the world starting from the 22nd of February, year 2012, and onwards. With the advent of the 8th generation consoles, it primarily proved to be a tough competition for the 3DS Console from Nintendo.

The visual characteristic of the PS Vita may seem like its predecessor, however, its features and overall capability is definitely far from it. It flaunts a sleek, 5-inch touch-screen with multi-touch capacity to bring you a more exhilarating and exciting gaming experience than ever. It comes with the basic controls used by the Playstation line paired up with 2 analog sticks. It's also integrated with innovative feature like 3G, capability to connect to wireless internet and Bluetooth. It has a stunning structure that features breathtaking Quad-core Graphics-Processing Unit and 'ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore' Processor partnered with a user interface through the software Live Area, which replaced the XCrossMediaBar.

The PS Vita is technologically known as the PCH-1000 and as innovation took its course, an improved version of the console came up which was the PCH-2000 version. The version was a redesign of its predecessor, which aimed to offer a lot more seamless experience to its user with the product's comparably lighter and thinner structure, a larger and better internal storage capacity, and a battery life that would last longer. There were also more improvements than these which are truly outstanding.

The western part of the worldwide market made way to the entry of the improved version of the console from February 2014 onwards. On November 2013, Japan had a Vita that could connect to the television to bring users a more immersive experience, which was also released all throughout the globe from the month of October, 2014.

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