The best Selling Games of all Time you have to look into

From a category that was categorized as something for nerds and geeks, the gaming industry has indeed managed to travel far from its advent, even having some of the most innovative best selling game that have far surpassed even the music and the movie industry. In entirety, the game industry has truly surpassed the two industries mentioned in terms of revenues generated yearly. This serves as a testament to how grand it has become and if you're looking to grab some piece of the action which it serves, then it is obvious that you should start with the ones that have intrigued users and stood on top of the industry itself.

There are definitely numerous top games in the industry, falling into different genres that makes the choices even more diverse. There's simply no way to give out a game and just point out that it's at the top, but the best way to rank them is by picking out the best selling game that have been most raved by consumers across the globe. In this list, there's no doubt that the Mario Kart DS and Mario Brothers has already set a wide space for itself with a total sale that generated over $23.9 Million. The characters of Mario Brothers have become famous icons in the industry and their entertaining and funny games are definitely a hit throughout the globe.

One of the most iconic games on the industry that's also considered as one of the best selling game there is today is the Grand Theft Auto. With the advent of their latest addition to their line of products, the Grand Auto V, the game has produced more than 50 million sales just on their 5th addition alone which indeed makes it evident that it's one of the top games today. It has innovated gaming with its realistic settings with diverse open-world prowess, allowing players to have fun as they please or go out and finish quests. The choice is up to you on this game and its flexibility and versatility is very outstanding that it gives you freedom as if you're on the real world itself. There're way more games on the market today aside from the ones mentioned and with time and effort, you'll surely be able to see the one you'll want to play sooner or later.

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