A Short Chronicle Of The Short Lived Life Of The Sony PS Mobile 

The PlayStation Mobile or PS Mobile was a software framework that was used to provide downloadable Playstation games to licensed devices that met the PlayStation certified requirements. These devices included Android 2.3 and the initial Open Beta was released in April 2012.

On October 3, 2012, the PS Mobile opened in Japan, USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Australia, with Sony publicly stating that PlayStation support would continue to be rolled out, to even more countries as time progressed.

The games that were released under the PlayStation Mobile framework were all readily available via their PlayStation store. Here all players were allowed to access current titles, by downloading from the store directly to their mobile device.

Games that were released under the program could have DS operating controls overlaid on top of the device's touchscreen, however those with analogue button configurations such as Xperia Play and the PlayStation Vita, the controls were mapped directly to them.

At E3 2012, Sony were pleased to announce that their PlayStation Mobile already had a total of more than 56 established software houses, all fully focused and totally committed to the cause of providing premium content for what was this new and exciting platform.

In May 2013, Sony made the announcement that the PS Mobile publisher license fee would be waived. Although not costing a fortune at $99, this was a brave attempt to keep operations rolling and a blatant attempt to entice more creative talent to offer their time in the development of further games for the service.

2015, would signal the end game, with Sony announcing that the Playstation Mobile would be retired to the archives and in the process be shut down. Unfortunately despite the platform being made available across a wide range of handsets from numerous manufacturers, the service never really struck a chord amongst the gaming fraternity, and never really took off.

The storefront was originally planned for closure on July 15, 2015, but the service continued until its ultimate demise, which occurred on September 10, 2015. From September 2015, it was no longer possible to trigger any devices for the PlayStation Mobile, or download any existing purchases.

Every dog has its day so they say, regrettably this was one that was abandoned. Maybe it was an easier decision for the Sony hierarchy to shut up shop than one imagines. No doubt to them the writing was probably already on the wall.

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