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Though portables are great way to get the fun and excitement of gaming, their specifications can still never match the big boy consoles for the home which includes the revered PS 3 or Playstation 3, a part of the Playstation line of products from the renowned Sony. The Playstation 3 followed the success of its predecessor, the Playstation 2, and is now in competition against other 7th-generation consoles such as the Wii from Nintendo and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. This innovative and sleek Playstation entered the market on the 11th of November, year 2006 and shortly after the release, other markets across the globe also welcomed the console with open arms.

The PS 3, like Sony's innovative products such as the PSP, was announced at the E3 Annual Event on 2005. When the year 2006 was nearing its end, the PS3 has finally entered the market for the first time, giving innumerable amount of gamers a burning feeling of thrill, excitement and anticipation to get a hold of their product. It has storage medium in the form of Blu-ray Disc, making it the first console to do so. This console also had stunning features that has surpassed others in terms of its connectivity. It can connect to other consoles like the PS Vita and PSP and it's a part of the Playstation's Unified Gaming Network, providing the joy and fun of playing with others.

Technology always finds something to improve on what we thought are already exceptional and this PS 3 also experienced that. To give a more convenient and sleek experience to gamers, the Slim version of this console was release which is relatively thinner and lighter than its predecessor version. The marketing design and logo also experienced change to give it a new look. On 2012, a Super Slim Version was released again which, as you may have guessed, had an even thinner and lighter structure compared to the original and Slim version.

The product was critically acclaimed by gamers and professionals across the globe and on 2013, November 2, the total PS 3 sold by the company has reached an astounding figure of 80-Million Units. After the success of this model, a new console was derived from it which succeeded it and that is the Playstation 4.

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